Car Service MA: Get Your Ride Ready for Spring

car service ma

We’re approaching the end of winter here in New England, so it’s time to ensure your car is ready for the change in seasons. The weather can heat up just as quickly as it cools down, and you don’t want to get stuck with a winterized car. Since spring in MA is nearly here, it’s time for a car service from Ray’s Auto. Our team will ensure you and your car are ready for a new season of adventures.


Ready for spring? Here are some of the key things we’ll check during the service to get your car ready for the changing seasons in MA.


Check and Change Fluids

You should always change your oil according to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. However, oil isn’t the only fluid your car needs to run, and the changing weather can affect fluid levels and quality. In general, you should check your oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and other fluids on a regular basis, and the changing seasons are as good a reminder as any.


Replace or Rotate Tires

If you put snow or winter tires on your car, you’ll want to swap them out for all-season tires. Winter tires wear faster than all-season tires, so you don’t want to use them when you don’t have to worry about ice and snow. You’ll also get lower gas mileage if you use winter tires in the spring and summer because they increase traction on the road.


Inspect the Cooling System and A/C

With warmer weather around the corner, you’ll want to protect your engine against overheating. We’ll check your radiator hoses for leaks or damage and top off your coolant if it’s low. You don’t want it to get too hot inside your car, either, so we’ll check your A/C to ensure it’s still working. If the A/C isn’t working, recharging it usually does the trick.


Check the Brakes

Driving through snow and slush can affect your brakes’ performance. Cold temperatures can thicken brake fluid, and temperature fluctuations can wear out your brake pads and rotors. The end of winter is a good time to flush your brake fluid and replace worn parts if necessary.


MA Car Service from Ray’s Auto

Make Ray’s Auto your go-to mechanic for car service in MA when you need major repairs or routine maintenance. Get your ride ready for spring with preventative maintenance or to repair any damage your car incurred over the winter.


Contact us at 978-372-9611 to schedule your MA car service today.

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