MA Mechanic: More Overlooked Maintenance

MA Mechanic: More Overlooked Maintenance

There are a lot of repairs that you need to stay on top of to ensure that your car is operating at its best. We often remember to do common things like have our oil changed regularly. But there are plenty of other things that we often forget about that can cause serious problems. As a mechanic in MA, we deal with all kinds of repairs at Ray’s Auto Service, both big and small.


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In an earlier post, we covered some commonly overlooked auto maintenance that we see as an MA mechanic. Here are three more issues that you shouldn’t forget about.



Cabin Air Filter

Throughout the year, we drive around with our heater or A/C going, not thinking about our cabin air filters. But we can do that because they’re working, filtering out pollen, dirt, dust, and other particles that would make driving unpleasant. To ensure that you continue to have nice, filtered air inside your car, you should replace your cabin air filters at least every two years. If you drive a lot, you should do it every year.



Do you know how to test your alignment? On a straight road with no traffic, let go of your steering wheel for a few seconds. If the car continues to drive straight, your alignment is good. If you drift to the left or the right, however, you’re out of alignment. To stay ahead of this issue, you should have your alignment checked whenever you replace your tires or have them rotated, or if you notice that your car is pulling in one direction.


Brake Fluid

When you think about getting your brakes repaired or replaced, you are usually thinking about your brake pads. Maybe your rotors and calipers, too. But it’s important to check your brake fluid periodically as well. Brake fluid is what helps your car to stop quickly. Flush and replace your brake fluid to ensure that there are no water or air bubbles in the lines.


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Need a mechanic in MA? Come to Ray’s Auto!

Whether you need routine maintenance or major repairs, you want to know that you’re going to a mechanic in MA you can trust. Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced and will ensure that your car is in good repair and safe to drive.


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