MA Auto Shop Inspection Fail: 5 Reasons Why

MA Auto Shop Inspection Fail: 5 Reasons Why

It’s that time again to get your car inspected, but do you know if it will pass? At Ray’s Auto Service, we are certified to provide state inspections to ensure that your vehicle is safe and road-ready. Our MA auto shop has assisted surrounding areas for over 5 decades and AAA approved. To prepare you for inspection, here are some of the most common issues found during a car inspection that will fail a car. 


#1 Broken Parts

No one wants to use a broken toy. And, it is almost the same when it comes to broken parts on a car. If your vehicle has broken tail lights, headlights, reflectors, turn signals, mirrors/glass, or damaged tires, bumper, or hood, chances are, you will fail a car inspection. Luckily for you, most of the issues listed here will not break the bank to fix. 


#2 Dirty Oil

Having dirty oil in your car’s system can cause many mechanical problems the longer it goes without being cleaned. It is crucial that you run your car with clean oil. With time, dirty oil can cause heavy damage to your engine, reduced gas mileage, decreased fuel efficiency, and lower horsepower. The simple fix for this is to schedule an appointment for an oil change and consider changing your car’s oil filter to prevent another instance of dirty oil. 


#3 Faulty Speedometer

While a damaged speedometer doesn’t affect your car’s overall performance, it is still dangerous. Because you no longer have an accurate way to tell your speed, many complications can arise. If you are experiencing problems with your speedometer, scheduling an appointment at Ray’s ensures the safety of yourself and your surrounding motorists. 


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#4 Window Tinting

The guideline for window tinting varies between the states that you live in. In the state of Massachusetts, all of your car’s windows must allow more than 35% of light in. While New Hampshire has the same percentage for light entering your vehicle, tint is not permitted to be applied on the front window of your vehicle. It is essential that you check the guidelines for your state before you make that appointment to get an inspection. 


#5 The Check Engine Light Is On. 

No matter the condition of your vehicle, if your check engine light is on, you may fail a car inspection. Even if you manually turn the light off, technicians will be able to see inside if there is a problem and fail your vehicle. There is never a set reason why a check engine light will come on as it may come on for various reasons. It is still best to make an appointment to make sure that your vehicle is in top shape.


Ray’s Auto Service is committed to providing you with superior customer service as we always strive for excellence in the work we provide. The next time you are looking for a highly  experienced auto shop in MA or NH, visit Ray’s Auto Service in person or call 978-372-9611 to book your appointment.

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