Is Synthetic Oil Better Than Conventional Oil?

Is Synthetic Oil Better Than Conventional Oil?

Let’s get straight to the point. Yes, synthetic oil is better for your vehicle than conventional oil. But why is that? Well, first of all, synthetic oil is an artificial lubricant for your engine made from chemically modified materials. If you need an oil change in MA, it might be time to think about switching your vehicle to synthetic oil! Ray’s Auto Service in Haverhill, MA, can help you take care of your regular car maintenance needs.


History of Synthetic Oil

Artificially created lubricants are often used to replace petroleum-based oils, also known as conventional oil. Surprisingly enough, synthetic oil was developed back in 1929 and was used in regular cars to jet planes. Currently, it’s used in most vehicles so car manufacturers can achieve top-level fuel efficiency. 


Synthetic versus Conventional

Yes, some cars still use conventional oil. But why is synthetic oil so much better? Firstly, synthetic oils are created with less refined bases. Thus, it’s less likely to acidify and oxidize in the engine and is harder to break down. Consequently, it’s not going to lose the qualities oil should have! This means that, unlike conventional oil, synthetic oil won’t degrade and lose its ability to lubricate the car’s engine over a long period. 


A Closer Look At The Advantages

The process used to make synthetic oil allows the substance to lack impurities. This means that it’s significantly cleaner than other oil types. Therefore, it’s protecting your engine more. Each of the parts in a car moves at high speeds in highly heated environments. Oil is the only thing protecting the components from each other! 


Furthermore, synthetic oil will run much cleaner than conventional oil. This goes beyond having fewer impurities. It also combats sludge and sediment buildup, allowing the oil to last longer. Lastly, synthetic oil can handle changes in temperature better than conventional oil. It can flow and run efficiently in the winter and resist the high temperatures in the summer, making it perfect year-round!


Choose Ray’s Auto Service for an Oil Change in MA


Are you convinced that it’s time to make the switch during your next oil change in MA! There’s no time like the present to switch your car to synthetic oil finally. Of course, conventional oil is still capable of keeping your car running fine. But, if you’re looking for more time between oil changes and maintenance, it might be worth the changeover!

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