Imperative MA Car Repair For Safe Winter Driving

Imperative MA Car Repair For Safe Winter Driving

The air is crisp in New England, and that only means one thing; winter is closing in. At Ray’s Automotive, our team of experienced mechanics are here to help with all of your MA car repair needs to ensure a safe driving season. From simple oil changes to more intense repair needs, here is a look at just a few ways we can help.


Checking in on your fluids is important!

Often, we think only of our oil when it concerns fluids. However, your windshield and braking fluids are just as important! While these three are not the only items requiring attention, you don’t need to worry. At Ray’s Automotive, we’ll assess, flush, and fill all fluids that are low or old. By doing so, you can have confidence that your vehicle’s performance will be up to par this winter!


Tire checks are another must-do

Whether you need your seasonal tires swapped out for winter tires or a check on the current condition, we can help. At Ray’s Automotive, our team will assess the current condition of your tires while performing any necessary tire services. Whether your vehicle could use an alignment, tire rotation, or new tires altogether, every detail is crucial for the safety of you and those around you during the werint.


Your brakes are imperative to the safety of all

Less than optimal performance from your braking system is never good. Even if your brakes are giving just a little more give than usual, it’s time to schedule your appointment with Ray’s Automotive today. As you know, the road conditions in the winter can be treacherous, so having peace of mind that you can stop when needed is a must.

From brake pads to fluids, and everything in between, we’ll ensure your brakes work when you need them the most!


Save yourself the trouble and give our team at Ray’s Automotive a call today. Before you know it, the New England winter days will settle in. Don’t get stuck in a situation you can prevent, call us today at (978) 372-9611.

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