Does Your AC Needs Some TLC From Your Auto Shop in Salem NH?

Does Your AC Needs Some TLC From Your Auto Shop in Salem NH?

Summer will be here before you know it, and that means it’s time to prepare! With the hot and humid days making an appearance, there are not many things that are more frustrating than a broken air conditioner. Not having access to the refreshing cold air your AC provides causes frustration and miserable conditions. Sure, you can open a window, but that only helps when the car is driving. Before the weather gets too hot this year, it’s time to consider stopping into your trusted auto shop in Salem, NH, Ray’s Auto.


Not convinced that your air conditioning system needs some TLC? Well, here are three sure signs that it does.


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When powered on, your system makes unusual noises

As you’re probably aware, when running the air conditioning in your vehicle, it’s typically quiet. However, if you’re suddenly noticing unusual noises, chances are, your cooling system needs a little TLC. This component relies heavily on the compressor. Over the time, the compressor will wear, leaving your ac to make a grinding sound while powered on.



It says cold, but you’re getting hot air

There’s nothing worse than finding out your ac is gone when you need it the most. Turning on the system only to receive hot air in return is just plain rude if you ask us. Unfortunately, this situation happens more than we’d like to imagine. The reason; a refrigerant leak and need for a recharge. Maintaining refrigerant levels needs to be addressed about once every three years which is why many owners overlook this type of maintenance.



 Your vents smell funky

If your nose is greeted by an unpleasant scent of must or gas, it’s time to schedule an appointment asap. Often, if this is the case, your vehicle has mold or mildew on the interior of the vents. Harboring behind the dash on the evaporator, this bacteria not only stinks but left unattended, it can cause adverse health effects. Another common smell to extend through your vents is gas. Smelling gas may be a sign that your car has a gas leak.


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If you think your cooling system made need a little TLC this year, stop by your auto shop Salem, NH, Ray’s Auto Service. With years of experience and expertise, our technicians will quickly determine what’s preventing you from keeping cool!  To schedule your appointment, contact us today at (978) 372-9611.

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